The scaleyourbody concept is the foundation for starting a healthy lifestyle. The 3 phase concept comprises of 3 pillars; Nutrition, Fitness, and Relaxation. The basis for a healthy lifestyle is a balanced and healthy diet along with enough rest, such as sleep and rest periods.
We also have regular LIVE workouts that will take place in the

online community.


At scaleyourbody you will activate and regain your muscles. Our weekly online live workouts will become your new routine.


A healthy, balanced diet is the basis for a healthy body. Familiarise yourself with many of our delicious recipes.


Recovery is vital to our overall health, and the body needs the ability to de-stress and regenerate daily.

Therefore, it´s essential to take time to treat yourself with special care to recover and recharge your batteries.


In our fast-paced lifestyle, we often rush food and eat on the go. Fast solutions are the usual go-to options because of the lack of time. We tend to grab unhealthy options such as a sandwich or a bowl of pasta. These food types sit heavy on our stomachs, causing us to become tired more quickly. 

Our tips will help you become more aware of your food options and help you to listen to your body. You will get many helpful tips on how to change your diet positively and eat more healthy „fast food“.


Everyone knows that vitamins and micronutrients are essential for our body. These should come from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables and not from synthetic options. Everyone should answer this question forthemselves:
How many fruits and vegetables do I eat every day?

Macronutrients give us energy and should always be available in their natural state. With scaleyourbody, we integrate natural vitamins and micronutrients into the diet through intelligent, convenient solutions. Healthy, tasty recipes also support the perfect intake of macronutrients that give us energy every day.


We challenge you to push your body to a healthy level. Being active regularly is just as important as being healthy every day. Our online community will support you with joint live workouts.. 

  • A Booklet
  • A 12-week figure program
  • Delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Access to an online community to exchange thoughts and ideas as well as motivational tips
  • Be part of an accountability group
  • Live workouts

Hi, I’m Franziska Eule and I’ve discovered these incredible products 8 years ago.
I used to be overweight and struggled to loose weight. I tried different diets and exercised, but nothing worked and I was about to accept the fact that this was my body shape until I came across this fantastic program, which my mum (a doctor) introduced me to.
It flooded my body with all the nutrients it needed to finally shed the fat. I lost 15kg and held it for the past 7 years.
Apart from loosing weight, the program put me on a path towards a healthier lifestyle, I rarely get sick, I’ve got lots of energy, my skin is amazing, my hair is healthy and strong and I just wouldn’t want to be without these products another day in my life.

Franziska Eule

You burn fat.
You build muscle.
You feel amazing
You have new habits.

The scaleyourbody vitality check will help you put your daily lifestyle to the test. Once you have completed the vitality check, your scaleyourbody contact person will get in touch with you.
Together you will go through all 
the questions and define your personal goals. The scaleyourbody vitality check takes into account the current studies and findings of The Who (World Health Organization), the DGE (German Nutrition Society) and the German Sport University in Cologne.

vitality check
Also note intermediate snacks
A serving is a handful